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Motivation & Inspiration

A great number of people in this world have a very high level of knowledge, experience, expertise, and know-how, but they lack the drive to accomplish their daily tasks and long-term goals. The struggle to find the attributes required to utilize these abilities and translate them into success and prosperity seems to be a long-standing problem for many. This consequently leaves so many to settle for a life less significant than their desires. For this reason, Tim R. McAdams has developed sessions, seminars, and messages catered around providing these missing components. These messages are specifically designed to give listeners the necessary fuel to apply their abilities. Tim R. McAdams provides a high energy, yet comprehensive, series of messages that will send people on the road to Release Their Dreams.

Personal Development

Many people travel through their life with the skills, talents, and motivation to create great levels of success. Unfortunately, so many of these people lack the basic life skills to activate them. Without developing these basic life skills so many people spend their entire life trying to manifest their dreams, but to no avail. This can be a futile endeavor. Through years of research and experience, Tim R. McAdams has been able to identify many of the basic life skills that are standing in the way of people achieving their highest level of greatness. From these findings, he has created a series of engaging, educational, motivating, and developmental sessions designed to deliver people from their complacency to a place of fullness. With the assistance of the basic life skills offered through these sessions, combined with the willingness to apply the skills, talents, and motivation, listeners will have the final keys to Release Their Dreams!

Master of Ceremony

Tim R. McAdams hosted his first event at the age of 8 for his elementary school. It was at that time Tim realized that he had a love and gift for moving audiences and captivating crowds. In light of his success as an Actor, Stuntman, Speaker, and Businessman, he is uniquely qualified to bring a distinctive, unique and diverse approach to any event. Tim takes the time to research and understand your needs and desires so that he can personalize his delivery for your occasion. He loves contributing to the success of an event. He relishes the opportunity to address an audience and keep them engaged in the occasion. Using his high energy, articulate, polished, entertaining, funny, and organized approach, he is guaranteed to provide the final touches to your event or occasion.