Tim R. McAdams

Enrichment Speaker | Actor-Stuntman | Consultant & Trainer


Tim R. McAdams is a native Washingtonian. Tim was born and raised in the inner city of northeast Washington DC in a single mother household of four.  Early in life, Tim was faced with vital choices that would determine his future.  Being exposed to a life where money was low and criminal opportunity was high, Tim made the choice to pursue the higher road. He credits God for placing something on his spirit early in life that gave him the desire to take a different path from what he saw people doing around him. He realized very young that his destiny was to make a positive impact on his family, society and the world. Tim was always an independent thinker, positive, motivated and a leader amongst his peers.

By the age of 11, Tim was earning income as an actor. He immediately began assisting his mother in paying bills, helping to care for his siblings and manage the home. He accepted his role and dedicated his life to providing a better life for his mom and family. Tim’s first real dream in life was to retire his mom from her dead end job and buy her a house. He wanted to relieve her stress and allow her to live comfortably. “I can never repay my mom for all she sacrificed to care for us but I want her to be able to live without concern as a thank you for all she did for us.” In 2000, Tim’s dream was realized when he bought his mom her first house. The following year in 2001 he retired his mom at the age of 53 years old.

“I do not regret any of my upbringing or experiences from when I was young. I don’t know who or what I would be if my cards were dealt differently. I am thankful to all of those experiences because they have made me the man I am today!”

Tim McAdams began his speaking and stage career at the early age of eight when he was introduced to theater.  As a youth, he performed on numerous stages throughout the Washington DC area.  His passion for the arts led him to attend Duke Ellington School of Performing Arts, majoring in Theater.  It was during this time, he realized he would spend his life on stage entertaining and inspiring audiences. Tim eventually transitioned into film and television.  He has had the opportunity to perform as an actor/stuntman on some of the largest shows on television and some of the biggest blockbuster films in Hollywood.  The experiences he gained in theater, as well as in front of the camera, have been invaluable to the development of the unique approach that he currently brings to his speaking messages.  Tim continues to actively work as a recognized and accomplished actor/stuntman.

Tim McAdams started his career in business in 1995, working in the residential safety industry. He exploded into the business as the top sales person during his first 90 days with the organization. His performance and attitude were so impressive, the leadership team immediately promoted him to management. In the years to follow, he honed his leadership and management skills. By his sixth year with the company, he was promoted to Divisional Vice President. As Divisional Vice President, Mr. McAdams had the opportunity to travel the east coast providing leadership and training to representatives, administration, managers, and executives. During this time, he polished his speaking, training, business and consulting skills.

In 2004, Mr. McAdams realized his entrepreneurship goal. He established TRM Enterprises, LLC. The development of his company positioned him to provide his speaking, training and consulting services to the world. Since the inception of his company, Tim has successfully secured relationships with organizations ranging from small to mid-size sales companies, Forbes 500 companies, State & Federal Government Agencies, non- profit organizations, grade level schools, colleges, churches, and many others.

While building new business relationships, Tim was introduced to an incredible business opportunity offered by one of the leading supplemental benefits companies in the world. With no prior experience in the financial industry, he decided to venture into this new industry. This venture afforded him the opportunity to own another company while building a residual income stream. Tim McAdams went on to become one of, at that time, 45 agency owners internationally. Mr. McAdams headquartered his insurance agency in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2011, the International Executive Board for the insurance company elected him to their Executive Council. The council was comprised of the top owners in the company. This appointment provided him the great opportunity to work and learn from the world leaders of a Forbes 500 corporation. His participation on the council exposed him to priceless insights. It also gave him the opportunity to provide his organizational structures, systems and ideas to the council. Many of these are still in practice throughout the company. Mr. McAdams sold his insurance agency in January 2014. He went on to retired from active agency operations in January 2018. He continues to consult with agency leaders and agents throughout the insurance industry.

In 2011 Tim McAdams took heed to his calling in life: to speak professionally. This calling would allow him the opportunity to impart his experience, training, education, wisdom, discernment, and solution-based thinking into all that would listen. In his career, he has delivered messages to over 100,000 people throughout the country. He is also the co-creator of The Creative Minds Meet Conference, a seminar built to provide training, inspiration, and entertainment to conference participants. Since the development of his company, Tim McAdams has become one of the most sought after speakers in his market. In an interview, when asked about his transition into Professional Speaking, he replied:

"God allows us to be good at many things, sometimes even great, however, he has given each of us an assignment in life and it is our job to identify it and answer that calling.” TRM

Tim realized that his life assignment was to build platforms where he could touch the world and assist in developing people personally and professionally. His approach to speaking is very different from the typical orator. His focus is to provide his listeners with practical teachings that, when properly applied, can deliver immediate and measurable results. Tim’s goal is to inspire people through sustainable training and applicable programs, while simultaneously delivering the message in a high energy, motivated, passionate, in your face fashion. The combination of substance and delivery are guaranteed to FIRE people to their desired destination!

When Mr. McAdams is not building his business, performing, or speaking, he is a dedicated family man and community advocate.  He loves working with and speaking to the youth.  He also works very closely with several organizations with strong charity and community causes.  He deems giving back to the community as one of the most fulfilling responsibilities on earth.  In his personal time, Tim is an avid MMA and boxing fan.  He also enjoys physical fitness, attending performances, playing cards, and all things positive.

My Mission

My life has been dedicated to enriching the lives of others. Throughout my journey, God revealed to me that my purpose and assignment in life was to educate, motivate and inspire others. My drive and motivation is to provide high-energy training, while inspiring people to “Release Their Dreams” and live an amazing life. The goal is to empower people with applicable knowledge that, when applied, will allow them to rise to a greater level of performance in their personal and professional life.

My Passion – Acting/Stunt Performing

At the age of eight my passion in life was discovered – performing arts. My love for the arts started as a theatrical performer. This love intensified when I was introduced to the world of film & television. As my career began to take shape, I was blessed to be invited into the world of stunt performing. The opportunity to perform as a stuntman simply added more fuel to an already burning fire. My passion for touching people through performance is undeniable, and something that I will do for the rest of my days on earth.

My Trade – Sales, Leadership & Business Consulting

Growing up in a single household of four, and being elected head of household very early in my life, I realized the paramount need to make money to help support my family. As I was building my career as an artist, I had to find a professional endeavor that would allow me to generate income in-between gigs. With no formal professional work experience and no degree, this pursuit proved to be difficult. I was eventually blessed with an interview with a residential safety company, and the rest is history. Over the years to follow, I developed a great skill for servicing customers, training, managing, leading, coaching, and mentoring team members. This eventually led to my establishing and running my own business. The success I experienced in the field of sales & leadership changed my family’s financial reality, lifted us to a different economic and social class, and provided me the opportunity to invest in the personal and professional development of countless people. Now I feel extremely honored to be able to teach the skills that I have learned over the years, and position others to enjoy the same success that the field has afforded me. This is simply another platform for me to enrich and help change people’s life!

My Assignment – Enriching Lives

During my journey through life, it became very clear to me that God had a bigger calling for my life. Despite the great passion that I had for performing, and the incredible level of satisfaction that I received from building business, there was still something missing. Over the years, I had constantly been told that I had a bigger purpose - a bigger assignment. As time progressed, this purpose became crystal clear - to educate, inspire and enrich lives. The assignment was to teach, train and motivate people to achieve their highest levels of success in life. Subsequently, I restructured my life so that I could serve in my purpose and assignment. My goal is to continue to expand my platform to reach the world and create positive change.