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Tim R. McAdams
Actor-Stuntman Biography

Tim R. McAdams is an extremely talented Actor & Stuntman. Tim was exposed to the performing arts industry in elementary school when he joined the drama department. At this early age, teachers and audiences recognized that Tim was a gifted performer and entertainer. As a youth, Tim starred in plays that won city-wide competitions. He was eventually given the opportunity to spread his wings into the local theater arena. Before the age of 13, Tim had performed on stage at The Kennedy Center, Olney Theater, Howard University, and the Arts of Washington. It was during his performance at The Olney Theater’s production of “The Miracle Worker” that he was discovered by BET Studios. This launched Tim’s on camera career.

In the pioneering days of BET, Tim was cast as the lead clubhouse kid, in their first Saturday morning show for kids, “Kimboo & Kids”. This experience opened his eyes to the world of film and television. During these early days in his career, Tim worked on national industrial projects such as AOL, Eye Bank and much more. He also appeared in a national commercial as a spokesperson for Roy Rogers. With an increasing desire to hone his talents, Tim auditioned to attend Duke Ellington School of Performing Arts. He was accepted into this prestigious school in Washington, DC and spent four years studying the Art of Theater. His talents were further developed in countless performances on the Ellington Stage.

Upon graduation, Tim continued his pursuit of the television and film industry. His first major role on network television was on NBC’s, hit series, “Homicide – Life on the Street”. His next big opportunity came when he had the opportunity to participate in the pilot for HBO’s groundbreaking show, “Oz”. Capturing the attention of the directors with his performance, he was cast in the series 1st season as “Johnny ‘The Fool’ Post”. This role garnered national recognition for Tim.

After a sabbatical from the industry, Tim re-emerged in the film world in 2004.  Tim was given the opportunity to become a stunt performer on HBO’s hit series, “The Wire”.  Tim was introduced to a whole new world!  He embraced the opportunity to expand his scope from strictly acting to other areas.  He welcomed the opportunity and was a natural.  Tim worked as a stunt performer for “The Wire” for four seasons. His success as a stunt performer on “The Wire” exposed him to NY Stunt Teams.  This opened doors for him to enter the major motion picture world.

His first film as a stuntman was in “Freedomland”, starring Samuel L. Jackson. Since this time, Tim has continued his career as a “Hollywood Stuntman”, working on blockbuster projects such as, American Gangster (Denzel Washington & Russell Crowe), Body of Lies (Leonardo DiCaprio), Salt (Angelia Jolie), Big Momma’s House 3 (Martin Lawrence, and doubling Brandon T. Jackson), Fast and Furious 7 (doubling the very talented “Ludacris”), Selma, Birth of a Nation, and many others. Tim has also had the opportunity to work as a stunt performer on many major television series such as Boardwalk Empire, The Walking Dead, MacGyver, Atlanta, Outcast and many more. Tim has had the wonderful opportunity to work with Marvel Studios on the films Black Panther, Avengers “Infinity War”, and Avengers "Infinity War 2". Tim returned to the camera this year with acting roles on the Lifetime movie, A Sister's Secret and the CW's hit show Black Lightning. Tim continues to stay extremely active as an actor-stuntman.

  • Ground Pound
  • Tumbling
  • Fight
  • Fight Reaction
  • Character Acting
  • Fire Burns
  • Ratchets
  • Wire Work
  • Minor Driving
  • Bailouts
  • Weight: 155 lbs
  • Height: 5 feet 7 in
  • Age Range: 25-40
  • Dress Shirt (Neck): 15
  • Dress Shirt (Sleeves): 33
  • Dress Pants: 32/32
  • Casual Shirt: Medium
  • Shoe: 10 ½
  • Boot: 10
  • Jacket: 40R
  • Physique: Athletic
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: African American
  • Voice Type: Baritone


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