Enrichment Speaker

Tim R. McAdams is absolutely electrifying.  His truly genuine spirit resonates throughout any space. His incredible speaking ability and practical communication style makes listening to him a thrilling adventure. Mr. McAdams’ talents have been cultivated from over 30 years of theater and on camera experience.  Combine these attributes with his extensive background as a professional stuntman, and at any given moment, there could be some amazing acrobatics to go along with his incredible message. Tim effortlessly captivates a room, while instilling invaluable training into the listener’s mind. This training will undoubtedly allow all listeners to progress in every area of their life!

Tim's audiences have branded him as the Solutions Expert.  Whether the message is directed to businesses or individuals, he has found a way to help pull listeners from “Perceived Problems” to “Sound Solutions”.  He believes that “in front” of every situation is a “Sound Solution”, a solution that will create productivity, balance and peace of mind. His unique and engaging speaking style is packed with intellectual content, personality, positivity, and humor.  His stage presence is undeniable. Mr. McAdams delivers messages to events ranging from Corporate Functions, Graduations, Seminars, Workshops, and much more. If you are looking to leave your attendees educated, motivated, and jubilant from a gratifying experience Tim R. McAdams is a MUST-HAVE at your next event.

Enrichment Moments

Being Successful

"Teaching the art of being successful starts at a young age."

All In

"If you don't put it all in, you can't expect to get it all out!"

Avoid Negative People

"There are going to be negative people trying to stop you on your way!"